Some of the most important muscles in fitness and bodybuilding are the back muscles. Here you will find complex back workouts containing back exercises under multiple forms. A wide, massive, strong and ribbed back has always been considered as a symbol of masculinity.

Chin-ups and reverse chin-ups are two types of basic exercises when it comes to back workouts.

  1. Chin-ups

This is one of the back workouts that can be easily performed anywhere outside the gym. The only thing you need is a suspended bar, then you can get to work.

However, here’s how to do chin-ups:

Two Massive Back Workouts | Doctor Fitman

Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd edition

  1. Tightly grab the bar with your palms facing forward. Use a wide grip.

  2. Breathe in and start lifting yourself up until your chest reaches the bar.

  3. Breathe out at the top and then return to your initial position, leaving your body to slowly descend.

Chin-ups are an excellent exercise if you decide to develop your latissimus dorsi and your teres major muscles. Besides, you will also feel your biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis working.

If you choose this back exercise, when it comes to back workouts, keep in mind that you can kick it up a notch by attaching a weight belt to your waist.

Be careful! To avoid injuries that could lead to pain and tendinitis, keep your elbows slightly bend while performing this exercise so you don’t overload your tendons.

  1. Reverse chin-ups

A good back workout also relies on reverse chin-ups. This exercise will develop your latissimus dorsi and your teres major. You have to know that this back exercise is associated with the biceps brachii and the brachialis. This is because some muscles of your arms are involved in performing the movement.

So, back workouts imply complex exercises and involve several muscle groups.

How to correctly perform reverse chin-ups?

Two Massive Back Workouts | Doctor Fitman

Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd edition

  1. Grab the bar and stay suspended.

  2. Make sure to keep your hands at shoulder width.

  3. Breathe in and lift yourself up, pushing your chest outwards and taking your chin to the bar.

  4. Breathe out at the end of your rep, slowly descending to your initial position.

By performing this back exercise you will feel your trapezius muscle, rhomboids and pecs contracting.

After the thighs, back muscles are the biggest and most important muscle group. Of all the muscle groups, the back needs the highest workout volume. The back muscles are hard to train because you cannot see them during your workouts.


Frédéric Delavier – Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd edition

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