A great triceps exercise which most of the bodybuilders include in their triceps workout is the “skullcrusher” (also known as “The French Curl”). A good triceps workout is crucial to developing big, strong arms, besides focusing on the forearms and biceps. The triceps are the muscles on the back of your upper arms. This exercise is really great because it targets the entire triceps brachii group (see the image below).

Skullcrushers - A great triceps exercise

This triceps exercise targets all three parts of the triceps brachii

This triceps exercise is incredibly effective for building strong, massive triceps and it adds a bit of variety to your triceps workout.

Skullcrushers can be done using an EZ bar, a curl bar or dumbbells. Also, once you get familiar to this triceps exercise, you can start alternating positions on the bench (incline, decline, flat).

 Here’s how to do skullcrushers:

  1. Lie flat on a bench holding an EZ bar or a curl bar above your head.
  2. Hold the bar with your arms straight, at shoulder width.
  3. Start lowering the bar slowly towards your forehead (make sure to always be in control of the bar).
  4. Take the bar as low as possible (there should not be any discomfort in the joints).
  5. Once you almost reach your forehead, slowly drive the bar back up to the starting position.


Skullcrushers - A great triceps exercise

Skullcrushers – A great triceps exercise

In order to avoid any injuries while performing skullcrushers, make sure to always keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and not on the bench. Also, it is natural for your lower back to slightly lift off the bench while doing this triceps exercise.

Make sure not to work against your biomechanics as it could lead to serious injury.

Once you get the hang of a basic triceps exercise or two, you can move on to more advanced moves. Skullcrushers, or “French curls”, are one of the best exercises to include in your triceps workout if you want to develop big, strong arms.


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