The effects of caffeine

Caffeine is the most used substance in the world at the moment. What are the effects of caffeine and what are caffeine’s side effects on the human body? These are normal questions that some of us may have asked ourselves at some point.

If you’re reading this article, there are high chances you’re a caffeine consumer. Even if you often drink coffee, green tea or you sometimes take caffeine pills, you must consider the positive aspects of this highly used substance.

This article summarizes the benefits and effects of caffeine on your body and will help you get an overview on this subject.

Japanese researchers proved that caffeine helps enhance your memorizing capacity. Another study, a more recent one done by the Hopkins University ( showed that 200 mg of caffeine per day can really help your memory.the-caffeine-effects


Caffeine effects and health benefits:

  1. It helps recover your body after training

The most recent studies on bodybuilding and fitness ( confirmed the positive effects of caffeine after working out. A carbohydrates-caffeine combination speeds up the recovery of glycogen in muscles. You must know that glycogen is consumed during workout and the stocks must be refilled.

  1. Detoxification of the colon and liver

One of caffeine’s positive effects is that it detoxifies the colon and the liver. According to the effects of caffeine on the colon and liver are positive, as it cleans these two organs. You must know that caffeine improves your digestion and cleans the colon by removing toxins that resulted during digestion.

  1. Caffeine can prevent skin cancer

Rutgers University ( made a study which reflected that the effects of caffeine helped prevent skin cancer on hairless mice. Also, among other studies on this subject, it was proved that caffeine can prevent the development of melanoma.the-caffeine-effects

  1. Fighting against erectile disfunctions

The University of Texas Medical School made a study which proved the fact that by consuming between 250 and 375 mg of caffeine can help men fight against erectile disfunctions.

  1. It prevents gaining unwanted fat

A study made in Germany ( showed that the participants who drank 2 – 4 cups of coffee daily had more chances to maintain their weight, while the ones who didn’t drink coffee had less chances of keeping their weight at a desired level. It is certain that one of the effects of caffeine in this case is the increase in the body’s temperature. This favorizes blood circulation and burning calories.

Therefore, there’s a great number of caffeine’s effects on the human body. Whether you’re drinking coffee, green tea, black tea or caffeine pills, you have to know that there is a limit that must not be surpassed. We will talk more about this subject in another article, but until then, enjoy your coffee!


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