PUSH-UP TIP: Where you keep your feet is up to you- the wider they are spread the more balance you will have. Make sure your arms are shoulder width apart and your leaning your shoulders just slightly over your hands from your vision. From there, you want to thrust your hips but keep your pelvis and mid-section tight and braced.

FORM TIP: Keep the inside of your elbows in when you are doing push-ups! You want to scrape the side of your ribs with the inside of your elbows!

BREATHING TIP: Keep your back straight and your head up! Breathe out as you push-up and breathe in as you release back down.

EXTRA TIP: Don’t lock your elbows completely when repping push-ups during a workout. You don’t want to put the stress on your joints. On the top end of your push-up just as you are about to lock out, you want to go back down.

source: brettcapfit


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