The knee is one of the biggest joints complex that you have. Yet it is usually very stressed and this is why sometimes knee pain appears.

Still, why does this knee pain appear? Keep in mind that there can be multiple causes. It may be cartilage wear, due to the extra weight that the knee must carry or maybe a few pounds gained lately.

As an overview, imagine that the knee links the femur and the shin.

More to the point, knee pain can be caused by multiple factors. I will briefly explain these causes of knee pain and I will point out ways to managing pain in this situation.

  • Tendinitis – it is caused by a hit in the knee and it is manifested by swelling of tendons.
  • Bone chips – a serious injury that you had may lead to bone fragments coming loose.
  • Bursitis – this disease is due to repetitive and lBone chips - knee pain - Doctor Fitmanengthy motion of the knee. It is manifested bTendinitis - knee pain - Doctor Fitmany the swelling of the sack of liquid that lines the knee joints.
  • Hemarthrosis – this anomaly affects the blood vessels around the knee joints. You can feel your knee warm, rigid and swollen.
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease – this is a disease that is manifested especially in young people who practice sports. Its main symptom is a swelling of the shin, right below the knee.Bursitis - Knee pain - Doctor fitman
  • Patella dislocation – when you work out excessively, you have to expect such an incident that will injure the knee. It is a serious injury whPatella dislocation - knee pain - Doctor Fitmanere the patella slips and moves out of its place.
  • Chondromalacia – the cartilage under the knee will fray. This disease is frequently among women, especially in situations such as climbing a mountain. You will feel a very strong pain and rigidity in the knee.

How do I treat knee pain?

Knee pain treatment depends on the cause and the complexity of the injury. In some cases, the pain will quickly disappear without medical intervention. However, for a fast recovery after an incident, it is best advised to take some measures that will hurry the healing.

  1. Do not lean on your injured knee.
  2. When you’re lying in bed or in an armchair, be sure to put a pillow under your knee.
  3. Place a bag of ice or even a pack of frozen vegetables on your injured knee.
  4. Always keep an elastic bandage or a towel wrapped around your knee.
  5. If the pain becomes unbearable, you could try using some painkillers.

As you’ve read, knee pain can be treated at home. However, if the injury is really serious, I recommend you see a doctor in order to get rid of the leg pain caused by the injury.


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