During the summer, we all enjoy a bit of sunbathing to get that perfect tan. However, did you know that it’s really easy to get skin lesions and a very serious skin condition if you don’t follow certain rules of sunbathing and you overdo it?

This article will tell you if you’re predisposed to skin cancer and help you overcome it, if it’s necessary.

Skin cancer, with its multiple forms, is one of the most widespread diseases known. Like any other forms of cancer, it begins with precancerous lesions, which are changes in the skin that are not cancerous, but which have the chance of transforming into cancer over time.

ABCDEs of skin cancer

ABCDEs of skin cancer

It is estimated that 40 to 50% of the people aged up to 65 years develop at least a form of skin cancer.

Am I predisposed to skin cancer?

You can never know this for sure because there are several factors you have to consider. People with the highest predisposition are:

  1. People with pale skin and light colored eyes
  2. People with many skin moles
  3. People with a family history of skin cancer
  4. People who sunbathe excessively or the ones that had multiple sunburns
  5. People who live at a high altitude or in really sunny areas
  6. People who underwent radiation treatments

How can I prevent skin cancer?

source: wired.co.uk

source: wired.co.uk

The most important thing to do is to reduce the time you expose yourself to UV radiation if you already made a habit of sunbathing for a long time, especially around noon, when the sunlight is really strong. Also, don’t forget to protect your face, ears, neck and lips by using sunscreen. You should try wearing loose clothes, shirts with long sleeves, hats and sunglasses. Finally, the most important step is to visit your doctor if you notice even the slightest change regarding your skin moles!


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