How to do sit-ups correctly? That is my question. Sit-ups are a type of abs exercises widely spread across the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Many people do this ab exercise, but the question that remains is… do they do it correctly? Read the next article and find out how to do sit-ups correctly, as specified in fitness manuals.

There are two answers that I can give to your question, “how to lose belly fat”: “nutrition” and “the best ab exercises”. You’re probably wondering if sit-ups are a part of the best ab exercises. I’ll tell you that it is so, sit-ups being an ab exercise that is both easy to perform and also very high-rated in gyms all around the world.


Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd edition

How to do sit-ups correctly? Follow these steps and include the exercise in your ab workouts:

  1. Lie on your back, hands behind your head and knees bent, just like in the picture.
  2. Breath in and lift your shoulders off the floor while bringing your head towards your knees. During the motion, your back will round more and more as you get your head closer to your knees.
  3. Breathe out and the end of the sit-up and then go back to the starting position.

Sit-ups work the hip flexors, the obliques and also the rectus abdominis.

If you want to perform sit-ups much easier, I recommend you get a partner that will support you by holding your ankles together during the exercise.


Strength Training Anatomy, 2nd edition

If you want a harder workout and really feel that you’re doing the best ab workout, I would recommend doing inclined sit-ups. This will add some more difficulty to the sit-up exercise.

For fitness & bodybuilding beginners:

  • You can keep your hands outstretched during sit-ups.
  • This will make it easier for your to perform this type of ab workout.

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