Girls, this article wants to point out what is wrong in a woman’s diet and in your lifestyle and also to offer solutions to quickly solve these issues. Do you want that? Then keep reading this article.

There are lots of myths, workouts and diet plans that don’t really work for many of you. You don’t have to be scared, you’ll soon find out what it’s all about.

  • Never underestimate the number of calories that you have to consume

We all know that we’re sometimes tempted to starve ourselves just to get in the perfect shape. This is totally wrong! Starving yourself is never an option for losing weight. The 1200 calorie diet may not be the best for you. Maybe it’s too little for you. Keep in mind that you’re different from all the other women, so you have to want more!

The best diet that actually works can be pictured as a car. The car needs fuel in order to work and so does your body. How do you imagine your body working properly without any resources? The answer to this issue is very simple: healthy and balanced meals.

  • Pay attention to carbs

Girls and carbs - Doctor Fitman

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. Do you really know how much sugar your body ingests daily without you even noticing it? There are several types of diet bars that are disguised as healthy snacks, but they’re actually full of sugar. You should try a low carb diet instead.

Candy, cookies or pies are abundant in unhealthy carbs; don’t forget that fruits also have high levels of sugar that can ultimately transform into fat, so sometimes refrain from eating lots of fruits.

  • Eat more protein and don’t run away from healthy fats

Omega 3 benefits for girls - Doctor Fitman

Healthy fats can actually help you lose weight. The oil from nuts, peanuts or almonds are great for your body. Also, don’t forget about the Omega 3-6-9 complex. Lots of studies recommend this Omega complex  for its multiple benefits.


Protein, like we said in this article, are the muscles’ bricks. You need up to 50-60 grams of protein daily in order to have the desired results. Be sure to write this on a post-it and put it up on the fridge, where you can always see it. Fish, eggs, soy,  chicken and turkey meat should always be part of a woman’s diet. There are also lots of protein supplemeGirl eating protein - Doctor Fitmannts for women.

We’re all sure that now we really know what a diet is all about and we can get to work!

So, in order to have the best results, we should not forget to:

  1. Eat plenty of healthy calories

  2. Pay attention to carbs

  3. Consume more protein and healthy fats


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