What is cardio training?

“Cardio training”, or simply “cardio”, is a term used to describe physical exercises that increase the heart rate. This type of exercises involves several muscle groups, that is why cardio is a very good method of toning more groups of muscles at the same time.
Cardio benefits - Doctor FitmanIt’s important to know that the heart itself is a muscle, therefore cardio fitness exercises “wake-up alarm” for your heart, as they strengthen your circulatory system. Another plus is the fact that cardio burns the body fat and metabolizes more calories than the ones in the food you eat.
As you probably thought, there are different types of cardio exercises you can choose from based on your preferences, your goals or your capabilities.
What are the types of cardio exercises that I can choose from?
Practically, you can choose from a very wide range of cardio exercises. However, in order for you to figure out the basic cardio exercises, I’ve prepared a list with the most important types of exercises:

cardio benefits - Doctor Fitman
1. Low intensity – high duration cardio
This type of exercise increases your breathing rate and also your average heart rate to about 40-60% of its maximum capacity. You can keep a constant level at a low intensity for about 40 minutes. For this type of exercise, I recommend walking, running and, of course, cycling.
2. Medium intensity – medium duration cardio
If you want kick it up a notch, you could try an aerobic workout. However, keep in mind that this type of exercise lasts between 20 to 40 minutes because it’s more demanding than the previous one. The heart rate goes up to 70% of its maximum capacity during an aerobic workout.
3. High intensity – low duration
This type of cardio exercise should last from 5 to 20 minutes. High intensity cardio pretty much relies on your body’s endurance and your heart rate goes up to 80-85% of its maximum capacity.

Don’t forget that there are different combinations of cardio exercises, so be sure to choose the ones that help you reach your goal faster!


What are the benefits of cardio exercises?

Cardio training benefits - Doctor Fitman
1. They help you lose weight.
2. You will have a stronger and healthier heart, as they reduce the risk of heart disease.
3. They improve the oxygenation and nutrition of the cells in your body.
4. You get stronger joints.
5. They help lower your cholesterol level.
6. They improve your memory and relieve stress.
7. They strengthen your immunitary system.


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