The barbell incline bench press is one of the most famous chest exercises performed in fitness gyms, both by men and women alike. If you’re wondering how to get a bigger chest, I can tell you that this type of chest exercises will define your upper chest and will give a great overall form to your chest muscles.

The barbell incline bench press does not only involve the pectoralis major, but also the anterior deltoid, tricep brachii, serratus anterior and the pectoralis minor. This exercise is part of the chest exercises that most fitness people avoid, because in order to be correctly performed, one must pay great attention  to the gym equipment.

How to perform the barbell incline bench press correctly:

  1. Lie on an incline bench (45-60 degrees) and grab the barbell tightly.
  2. It is really important that your hands have a grip wider than shoulder width.
  3. Breathe in and start the motion by lowering the barbell to the sternum curve level.
  4. Don’t forget to breathe out and the end of the motion. Keep repeating the motion until the end of the set.

The barbell incline bench press can also be performed with the help of a prop that helps guide the barbell’s motion, for better coordination. This type of chest exercises require lots of attention because there is a high risk of injury. Chest muscles may suffer is you do no perform the exercise correctly; a tendon in the pectoralis major may break in case of an injury in the gym.

This chest exercise can be performed both by men and women. For women, contrary to popular belief, breasts will not be harmed during the exercise (in case you’re a woman and you’re scared that there’s a risk of suffering any esthetical changes). I can say that the barbell incline bench press should not be left out of your chest workouts.



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