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Product Author: Matt Marshall

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The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible by Matt Marshall is an extreme losing weight program which you have to try if you want to lose weight fast.

It’s a special program that was tested by the author and it’s results are scientifically proven by the numerous studies on fast weight loss.

Matt Marshall

In just 29 days, he dropped 13.0 pounds of fat.


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These studies are against long-term weight loss because:

  1. It murders your metabolism
  2. It kills your chances of actually losing pure fat (prolonged diets cut the muscular mass and encourage the growth of belly fat)
  3. It is terrible for your hormones (prolonged diets decrease the testosterone level by 78%)
  4. Losing fat slowly means that you’ll be more likely to get it back

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Matt Marshall is a certified personal trainer, founder of Fitness Under Oath

Matt Marshall is a certified personal trainer, founder of Fitness Under Oath and has an impressive career in this field. His different studies tried to reveal the truth about the diets we use nowadays.

He also shows how he lost 13 pounds in 29 days and he highlights the fact that he didn’t only lose fat, he also gained lean muscle thanks to the training programs presented in the book and the techniques that helped him propel his human growth hormone by 500% (page 36 in the book). You can get shredded without a low-carb diet and daily cardio. In fact, the author thinks that the low-carb diet and cardio are a waste of time and their results are fragile in comparison to the program he presents.

Low-carb diets and cardio should not be used in order to lose weight fast and that is why you won’t be finding them in this ebook.

The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible trespasses the first rule of diets and losing weight. It relies exclusively on losing weight fast, even though it lets you have cheat meals (page 32 of the program) in order to keep your muscles and propel your metabolism and testosterone. Some so-called nutritionists declare war on crash diets or cheat meals without having conclusive evidence.


Matt Marshall says that he enjoys beer and red wine and also chocolate in the 29 days of the program. The secret lies in the moment when these delicacies should be consumed. All the details are widely presented in the program (page 32).

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If you want to lose weight fast, you can buy The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible for only $29.95. Matt Marshall confesses that he charges his clients $500 for a full-time personalized program.

However, the main idea is that this ebook combines training, nutrition, hormone growth techniques (especially testosterone) and other less known lists of foods that have a great impact.

Within the price of $29.95 you get Matt Marshall’s personal email (page 17) and his private phone number where you can quickly ask for information about this program.

You can get your money back, guaranteed, in 60 days if you are not satisfied with this product.

Older guys can still get ripped too.

Older guys can still get ripped too.

This product is perfect for all the people who want to lose fat, regardless of the weight they want to lose. This was the case for Clint. Also, regardless of your age, you can buy and use The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible.


Clint lost 18 pounds in a month with the aggressive fat loss approach.






In this ebook you will find techniques that will help you increase your testosterone and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels by up to 500%. Last but not least, this program is perfect for women, too. The techniques of regulating and accelerating the metabolism will have great results on ladies. The ebook will help them eat whatever they desire without negative effects on their bodies.

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Body Man and Woman

The science of fat loss is the same for both men and women.

I personally recommend this product to those who want to lose weight fast. The 29 days of the program created by Matt Marshall are great for the excellent price of $29.95. I say this because this ebook will supply you not only with great stories and training methods (3 trainings per week, each lasting between 30 and 60 minutes), but also tips about fat burning foods and increasing your HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

The scientifical evidence and the author’s results are indisputable. You will see that in the 29 days with The Aggressive Fat Loss Bible you will burn fat that you hate, fat which some nutritionists recommend you burn throughout a period of several weeks because they haven’t found this program presented as an ebook.

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I will say this again, this program will help you lose weight fast and gain lean muscle.

The Agressive Fat Loss Bible

The Agressive Fat Loss Bible



The persistence of the results


The presentation of the product





  • The program lasts only 29 days
  • Multiple methods that work towards reaching your goal
  • Good price ($29.95)
  • Scientifical evidence


  • Some people do not trust new methods
  • The ebook format of the product (video materials would’ve been recommended)

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